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Welcome to Your Dream Hose

Stye, Function & Quality

Rolaway Underground Hose is the only retracting garden hose that uses all stainless components including the power spring. This is why we give you a 15-year warranty on the unit and five years on the hose & fittings pieces inside the unit, which you will have trouble finding anywhere else. Our sleek design is simply the perfect alternative to a wall hanging retractor unit that can often get in the way or look clunky. And just like that, the unit can be installed directly under the lawn, set in concrete, or placed within your timber decking. Otherwise, it can go into any space that you see fit.

The Rolaway Underground Hose is built for tough Australian conditions.

Your Garden Creates Your Home

Meet Rolaway….

Houseproud Aussies everywhere have now discovered the style and convenience that our unit has to offer. Not only is there no more tripping over a hose in the yard or a bunched up mess next to a tap, but the design is almost invisible. That’s right! Most people will walk past without ever noticing that a hose is nearby, which is why it is the absolute perfect solution to tuck it away in a garden or deck.

For the contemporary or urban feel, perhaps selecting charcoal will better suit your needs. For instance, if your home showcases a modern steel and glass finish, this will be the perfect contrast.

On the other hand, the original dark green suits any garden and is the first choice when going “camo” for more stealth.

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