Standard Installation

A Few Simple Steps

Choose a Spot.

Choose a spot near a tap or water source that best covers the area that the hose will be used. Try to point the hose nozzle to the most frequently used area.

Get Digging.

Excavate a hole just large enough to fit the unit inside. Be sure to check that the position does not interfere with any underground plumbing or electrical services.

Prepare the Fit.

If fitting the unit in heavy clay or flood-prone areas, use aggregate or sand at the base of the hole along with the GEO FABRIC.

Insert the Unit.

Insert the casing and ensure that the lid is level. Start to backfill.

Trim Feed Hose to Length.

The feed hose may need to be shortened depending on the placement of the unit.

Step 1: Start digging at your desired spot.

Step 2: Dig a hole large enough for the unit to fit.

Step 3: Place Geomesh directly under the drain hole.

Step 4: Insert the unit.

Step 5: Be sure the lid is level and then backfill around the unit.